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Friday, April 22, 2016

New Horizons - Virtual Reality in Retail

Photo by Nan Palmero - used here with Creative Commons license.

Our sister company - Pix - have just published the 3rd instalment of their 'New Horizons' blog series which documents emerging technologies in visual communications and retail marketing.

This 3rd instalment focusses on Virtual Reality. Click here to read the full article.

Friday, April 1, 2016

Strictly Hard Boiled

Long term Set Visions followers will know that each year we resurrect our Easter Egg decoration competition. This year we thought we’d separate the yolks from the whites by offering an open brief!
Of course, as leading creators of engaging visual content - we have many creative eggs in our nest… With a colourful clutch of eggsquisite entries… whose egg would come out on top… and who would end up with egg on their face!?

We let the people decide!
All yolking and Foolish behavior was put to one side during our morning meeting as some serious voting took place.
As all our cockerels and hens scrambled to place their vote - There was a clear winner and runner up...


Congratulations to our Senior Account Co-ordinator, Jess, for her winning ‘Grrrrr - The Zombie Egg’ - with Head of 3D Modelling, Dave’s, MinionTM coming a close 2nd.
3rd place – his feathers ruffled, was Set Visions Photographer Rob’s hard shelled Ninja TurtleTM.
Eggcellent stuff. We shall look forward to next year’s resurrection of this annual creative egg feast.

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