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Friday, October 9, 2015

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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Creative Sources: Inspired by the rain

Where others see the Dismal - at Set Visions we seek inspiration.
We are celebrating the passing of the wettest August on record with a compilation of some of the beautiful home interior and innovative design objects we’ve spotted amongst our creative sources.
Coming up next… Indian Summer?

Duffy London Abyss Table

Water Ripple Lamp by Poetic Lab

Crashing Glass Wave Vessels by Marsha Blaker and Paul DeSomma

Illustration by Kelvin Kottke

Drip, Drop… Jewelry by Luisa Bruni

River Occasional Table by Greg Klassen

Ferrolic - Digital meets nature

Beautiful sculptures by Ben Young

A quirky sculptural aquarium - Takuro Yamamoto’s World Trip

Layered glass sculptures by Niyoko Ikuta

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Creative Sources: Marvel the marble trend

In the last few weeks we've been marvelling at the the marble trend.
The marble trend has been gaining pickup from a host of creative interiors designers and our creative sources have revealed some rather nice examples. Marvel the marble, as curated buy our in-house trend spotting stylists and creatives.



Marble Clocks



Marble Wallpaper


Marble-like gilded glass
Nero Portoro carved and gilded glass by Stuart Fox


Marble Shelf unit



Marble prints



Modern Marble Decorative Interiors

Friday, July 31, 2015

Creative Sources: Trend Spotting – See through chic

We’ve seen a wealth of lovely inspirational imagery recently that fits with the ‘see through chic’ trend.

Gudy Herder of Eclectic Trends blogs about this trend – here’s some highlights of what she has to say:

“The origin of this trend stems from a highly tech ruled world where we feel increasingly scanned. In today’ s life we face a constant correlation of security and surveillance with the human body being scanned at an airport when we travel, while interacting on the internet or tracked by hidden street cameras.”

“It is a movement that invites to discover and explore in a different way, like looking underneath the surface and being marvelled.”

“The trend is translated into fashion with cloudy and light-as-air transparencies, layering of blurry x-rayed images on tulle, peekaboo panels on silk and airy fabrics with a feel of lightness and delicacy.
Applied colours are b&w and charcoal with a stronger accent and referring to radiographs, whereas in fashion, this trend is decoded with more feminine shades with the aim to underline transparency and softness in Pale Pink, Blush, Eggplant, Aqua and Taupe."

“You ‘ll find this trend mainly in photography, art, graphic design and fashion.”

Indeed you will – and here are some amazing examples we’ve spotted recently:


Lifesize sewn fabric sculptures by Do Ho Suh


This summer’s Serpentine Pavillion


Photographer Guillaume Amat places mirrors into industrial and natural landscapes to look both beyond and behind


Transparent tunnels transform this courtyard


Blu Dot Hot Mesh Chair



String rainbows thread art installations


The Zandwacht


Futuristically illuminated undergarments

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Creative Sources: Simple, Clever, Cool

Our creative team of stylists, photographers and CGI artists are constantly scouring the internet for inspiration. Our regular ‘Creative Sources’ blog posts package up all the recent articles and images from various online sources that have inspired - us - our work - and now… hopefully you.

This week it’s all about ‘Simple, Clever, Cool’ - all the simple, clever, cool interiors products that have caught our eye. We can't wait to use some of these for inspiration for upcoming lifestyle photography and CGI.

Set Visions Creative Sources Stylish Design 1

A simple, clever solution to making IKEA furniture a whole lot cooler and individual


A very clever and compact desk solution

Set Visions Creative Sources Stylish Design 2

A rather clever and stylish wall mounted lamp

Set Visions Creative Sources Stylish Design 3

A cool combination of materials in these wood & aluminium sideboards

Set Visions Creative Sources Stylish Design 4

Simple use of a simple yet beautiful material
Set Visions Creative Sources Stylish Design 5

A cool approach to some warm, wall mounted lighting

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Creative Sources – Hello Pluto, let’s get Cosmic

Set Visions Cosmic Trend 1 Pluto

At this historic moment, as the first close up pictures of Pluto are beamed to us from NASA’s New Horizon's Space Craft we thought we’d share some of our ‘Cosmic’ styling inspirations.

The ‘Cosmic’ trend has been breaking over the last year – you can see it within fashion (see below) – and below we’ll show you some of the home décor and interiors influenced by a new wave of excitement in our universe.

What with the release of Interstellar last year – and the new Star Wars later this year – and oh, wait a minute, in the real (out of this) world – Rosetta mission's comet landing, and the climax of a 3 billion mile journey to the furthest (demoted) planet Pluto… The cosmos is in our consciousness…

We hope you like some of these great objects, artefacts and inspirational images.

Home / objects

Set Visions Cosmic Trend 2 Space Rugs

Out of this world rugs

Set Visions Cosmic Trend 3 Greeting Card

Greetings Earthlings

Set Visions Cosmic Trend 4 Boullee Table

Sculptural table

Set Visions Cosmic Trend 5 Tapestry


Inspiring Photography & Imagery

Set Visions Cosmic Trend 6 Shuttle

Abandoned Russian Space Shuttle

Set Visions Cosmic Trend 7 Jelly Fish

Jellyfish Aurora

Set Visions Cosmic Trend 7 Coffee

A galaxy in a coffee cup

Set Visions Cosmic Trend 8 Beam me up

Ethereal images


Set Visions Cosmic Trend 9 ET

An E.T. inspired fashion shoot


Some alienesque nebula neon models

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Creative Sources: Textured Walls June

We’ve spotted some rather gorgeous wall textures amongst our Creative Sources this week.



Soft squares and rectangles


Textile texture tiling from Mutina


A touch of 3D geometric

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Creative Sources: Geometric Trend June

The ‘Geometric’ trend has been one that we’ve been utilising when styling for some of our lifestyle product photography and CGI photography.

It has a simple complexity that demonstrates a considered approach to interior design – and one that many of our design led client’s customers aspire to recreate.

Here’s some squares, circles, triangles, lines, pyramids, repeated patterns etc. from our favorite blogs and internet sources that have ‘drawn’ our attention over the last week.


Bold and bright colours are also amongst our current trend focuses – combined with these geometric lines – these ceramics are gorgeous!


Who would have thought food could be so beautiful. Which is your favorite cube?


Small yet perfectly geometrically formed – Electrictrends’ Micro Trend article covers some perfect props for geometric styling.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Creative Sources: Bronze & Brass - the new Copper



Largely popularised by Tom Dixon, Copper has been in the shiny spotlight for interiors for quite some time now - it’s an essential prop for adding a touch of luxury to our photography and CGI room sets.

But… our ‘Creative Sources’ point out a skip around the Periodic Table. Brass and Bronze are the new essential luxurious elements.

Creative Sources:


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