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Monday, June 6, 2016

An insignt into Clerkenwell Design Week

This week at Set Visions our head of creative Jal has been feeding back inspiration and design news to fellow SV stylists (and now you) about her recent jaunt to Clerkenwell Design week. Clerkenwell Design Week showcases the best in past, present and future works of leading designers and architects. For 3 days the area of Clerkenwell is transformed into a cleverly curated, buzzing hive of design.

Heres Jal's lowdown and highlights from her visit.


This is Clerkenwell Design Week’s 7th year and I am delighted to have caught a glimpse of the future of design. I started my day at the, ‘Icon House of Culture’. This unusual industrial renovated space is the award winning club ‘Fabric.’ With its underground appeal and lack of natural light it was the perfect spot to play host to lighting design studios which includes EBB & FLOW, Bert Frank, Di Classe, Dare Studio and Haberdashery to name but a few.


As I walk through the buzzing streets full of creative eyes trying to find the ‘Detail’ zone, I am greeted by a 4.5 metre high structure nestled inside the historic, St John’s Gate. This structure was designed by ‘Flea Folly Architects’ collaborating with Dutch floorboard manufactures ‘Hakwood’ designed to create a moment of calm. Through the gate I entered a modern slated structure named, ‘Museum of Making,’ pavilion by ‘White Arkitekter,’ where a workshop of pendant punching was taking place.


I walked around to Clerkenwell Close and entered St James Church I could hear the soft sound of classical music echoing through the structure. British Designer Tom Dixon curated the space as co working space and restaurant. The beautiful stain-glass windows and traditional features of the church set against the perfect atmosphere to worship great design.


In my short time at the design week I had the pleasure of listening to a seminar, ‘Digital in design: exploring new possibilities’. The discussion was about how 3D printing is transforming the way brands produce design and what future effects it will have. Being from Set Visions this was something that is pivotal to our future.


I saw and absorbed as much as I could on my jaunt. The great thing about this festival is that is has over 100 designer show rooms in 2.5sq miles. It is a warm inviting event that opens its doors to normally off limit areas and welcomes the viewers to see the studios and workshops where great designs have taken place.

Friday, June 20, 2014

A Sliding Doors Moment

Undecided on planning your next Photography shoot… don’t leave it to chance.

Knock on our studio door, come in and see us and let us guide you through your photography shoot. Our skilled team includes set build, interior styling and photography. Our door is always open.

Doors Photography

Doors Styling

Monday, March 31, 2014

Some Things Are Better Shared

Like good food and drink, the company you keep, or even great photography.

That’s why we like to treat our clients, like a partner. We share the experience. Your expertise and product knowledge, blended with our creative input, all ingredients of a perfect recipe for producing effective photography.

Just like great food, our studio photography with a lifestyle appeal, can be defined in many dishes… something for everybody.

Food Photography

Food Photography Styled

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Big Things Start from Little...

Whilst we’re not ones for drinking on the job, a recent studio shoot was a little tempting. The innovative idea from Little Tipples is to get people talking about and drinking better spirits.

They're about quality over quantity and variety over monotony, a little like our studio photography.

Lifestyle Photography

Studio Photography

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Rare. Creative food images

It’s happening. Rare is a new Leeds restaurant bar where uncommon excellence is common place.

Partnering their launch with new creative imagery has been a refreshing change for our photography team. Blending lifestyle and food photography, lighting, textures, great food and drink, all help deliver a relaxed sophistication through their images.

If you like the below for starters, you’ll love the rest. Rare uncommon excellence

Lifestyle Food Photography

Studio Photography

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Taking PIX, our photorealistic brand of CGI to the USA!

We have recently partnered with a small, talented and very experienced team in the USA. Offering North America the same photorealistic quality of computer generated imagery, merged with the high level creativity that Set Visions already delivers in the UK and Europe through PIX.

Our studio team will be providing our partners full training and production structure for photography support of ‘live’ and ‘fresh’, highly important features in the creation of 3D Rendered images.

With demand high in the US, our team of Stewart, Mark and Jeff are now ready to delivery the ‘PIX’ business model to the awaiting crowd, sharing some unique photographic methods!

Studio Photography

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Styling with Inspiration

Our Styling Team takes turns to create a monthly inspiration board… offering a unique opportunity for them to shout out about their current interests and inspirations. It's a great way for them to personally explore trends and design in a visual way.

View their most recent inspiration board here, or for further inspiration navigate the month headers to see the back catalogue

Inspiration Styling

Monday, September 16, 2013

Meet Our Photography Team

As part of our studio development we have recently undertaken a slight re-structure of our Photography team. A team enjoying a wealth of creative, inspirational people, each applying their skills to deliver exceptional images to brief and beyond!

We’re passionate about what we do, from innovative lifestyle room set photography that evokes emotion to product cut out images; we apply the skills of our studio team ensuring our images consistently deliver. We don’t just generate images we create images!

Photography, Set Build, Styling, Re-touching, Project Management… Set Visions Photography Team.

Room Set Photography Team


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