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Friday, May 20, 2022

CGI’s Green Credentials

The green credentials of CGI visualisations are often overlooked. It is a more sustainable production service compared to a traditional studio photography shoot.

There is no need to send the physical products to the studio, cutting transportation costs and reducing production delays - 3D product files or tech drawings suit us just fine! Our room sets are designed and built digitally, with no redundant build materials post-shoot!

Along with the reduced environmental impact, our clients are saved the logistical headache of approvals in person. All CGI projects are efficiently managed remotely via their dedicated Project Manager.

To discuss the additional benefits that our CGI services offer contact to arrange an informal callback.


Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Visualise 1000s of product combinations

Set Visions automation service can visualise endless product combinations quickly and cost-effectively.

Ecommerce is a highly competitive market. Savvy online shoppers are turned off by low res swatch shots and ‘also comes in..’ They demand to see the product before making an informed purchase; our batch rendering service is the perfect solution.

Our client JB Kind wanted to engage with the online customers and show the endless possibilities of their product combinations. They asked us to generate the content for their online configurator to demonstrate the wide variety of their product designs in relatable homely environments.

We created one core room set for consistency and adapted this for a hall, kitchen, and living room. We then generated a huge number of individual CGI renders, doors in every single available finish, with alternative floors and handle choices.


To produce this volume of content cost-effectively, our team automated the process. The bespoke method uses a spreadsheet to drive the renders automatically. Product colours, finishes, handle options, and even the floor and wall choice were all pre-specified by our client. The software uses this information and connects to our render manager, distributing the tasks to our render farm. By removing manual input, we can reduce the unit costs for our customers.

On this occasion, we worked with our client’s existing digital provider. Alternatively, our in-house team can fully manage the configurator content and build, delivering the entire project through our agency.

Check out the finished visualiser here.

For an informal chat to discuss our batch rendering and configurator service can improve your eCommerce offering, contact to arrange a call.

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