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Tuesday, July 11, 2023

CGI for home and interiors


As competition heats up in the online world, it’s vital for brands to use every tool in the box to help them to stand out. Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) has been around in films for decades, but it’s increasingly popping up in advertising and marketing too.

There’s certainly a lot for marketers to be excited about with CGI. Transform your marketing, future-proof your business and engage prospects and existing customers in ways you never could before.


Furniture giants like IKEA, Dunelm and John Lewis use CGI across over 50% of their sites. They’re not alone. A growing number of businesses across almost every sector are embracing CGI to tempt content-hungry customers and generate extra revenue. Customers have an increased appetite for enriched experiences and personalised products. And this hunger is set to continue in the ever-immersive digital world.

Online shoppers now expect brands to let them interact with quality stills, videos, and innovative solutions like augmented reality and product configurators. Multiply this content by numerous SKUs; that’s a mind-boggling volume of content, complex logistics and extensive costs.

CGI might just be the solution you’ve been looking for. Hallelujah! But if you’re new to CGI, knowing how to weave it into your marketing, comms and merchandising might seem intimidating, costly or complex. We get it. And we got you.

Check out the full article, exploring the advantages and capabilities of CGI in Ecommerce over at our partners site, Ride Shotgun.


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