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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Creative Sources – Hello Pluto, let’s get Cosmic

Set Visions Cosmic Trend 1 Pluto

At this historic moment, as the first close up pictures of Pluto are beamed to us from NASA’s New Horizon's Space Craft we thought we’d share some of our ‘Cosmic’ styling inspirations.

The ‘Cosmic’ trend has been breaking over the last year – you can see it within fashion (see below) – and below we’ll show you some of the home décor and interiors influenced by a new wave of excitement in our universe.

What with the release of Interstellar last year – and the new Star Wars later this year – and oh, wait a minute, in the real (out of this) world – Rosetta mission's comet landing, and the climax of a 3 billion mile journey to the furthest (demoted) planet Pluto… The cosmos is in our consciousness…

We hope you like some of these great objects, artefacts and inspirational images.

Home / objects

Set Visions Cosmic Trend 2 Space Rugs

Out of this world rugs

Set Visions Cosmic Trend 3 Greeting Card

Greetings Earthlings

Set Visions Cosmic Trend 4 Boullee Table

Sculptural table

Set Visions Cosmic Trend 5 Tapestry


Inspiring Photography & Imagery

Set Visions Cosmic Trend 6 Shuttle

Abandoned Russian Space Shuttle

Set Visions Cosmic Trend 7 Jelly Fish

Jellyfish Aurora

Set Visions Cosmic Trend 7 Coffee

A galaxy in a coffee cup

Set Visions Cosmic Trend 8 Beam me up

Ethereal images


Set Visions Cosmic Trend 9 ET

An E.T. inspired fashion shoot


Some alienesque nebula neon models

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