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Tuesday, May 16, 2023

AI - The intelligent choice in marketing?


AI (Artificial Intelligence) has become increasingly popular in marketing as technology advances. While it can improve efficiency, accuracy, and the overall effectiveness of marketing campaigns, understanding exactly how marketing agencies currently use AI might be less clear.

In this blog, we’ll answer some of the key questions our clients are asking and lift the lid on how and why we use AI to benefit our clients, campaigns and projects.

What can AI do for marketeers?

The AI systems available to us cover a wide range of uses. Some have a very focused output, while others have the ability to be applied to much broader uses. These areas are particularly relevant to our industry:

  • Image generation and manipulation based on text input
  • Writing generated from questions and requests
  • Generating basic code from text input for task automation
  • Generate 3D models from text or single image input.

AI How we use AI

At Ride Shotgun, we don’t believe AI holds all the answers, but it can enhance the creative process and sometimes helps us to solve clients’ challenges faster. Our use of AI tools is always driven by a desire to produce quality content more quickly and communicate ideas more clearly. Here’s how.

Bringing the big ideas to life

Traditionally, presenting a new concept to a client involves collating lots of visual references to take them on the journey and give them a flavour of the idea. Working up a big idea (from the brains of our team’s genius creative minds) into multiple visuals can take significant time, budget and resources. If the idea isn’t selected and progressed, that’s potentially lost time, budget and resources.

Check out the full blog, exploring the advantages and potential pitfalls that this digital realm presents over at our partners site, Ride Shotgun.

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